24012017 Program A 

  • Led mobilitet * 2 min
  • Sjip * 5 min
  • Warm up cirquit * 2 set
  1. Squat 16kg * 5
  2. Hip bridge * 10
  3. Halo 16kg * 5
  4. Hindu push up * 5

A * 5 set

  1. TGU 8kg * 5 e.s. 
  2. Squat 32kg * 5
  3. 2 hånds swing 28kg * 10
  • Sjip * 2 min
  • Bottom up Walk 12kg 15 skridt * 3 e.s. 

? * 3 set

  1. Pallof Press rød elastik * 8 e.s. 
  2. Floor Press 12kg * 6 e.s. 

3 thoughts on “24012017 Program A 

  1. Go heavier on the floor press…
    Also, the way you keep writing it down, you are doing 5*5 e.s of TGU, which amounts to 50 total reps. you are supposed to do 10 total reps (5*1 e.s) THEN do the squats and swings. TGU is not in the A exercises.

    • A1. Goblet squat x5
    • A2. 2 hand swing x10
    • A1+A2 *5 sets

    I am still confused about what you’re doing!!!

  2. Reviewing the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yZ7d21GIrQ I can see I have been doing the floor press wrong.
    It is not heavy heavy but I have felt all along the way I was cheating on this exerzice.
    I began with variation 1 in the video which was VERY easy because I just pushed with the legs to twist the body.

    After you told me not to do that I went onto something I believed was the right way.
    It looks somewhat like variation 2, but I cross my feet in the air and try to keep still from the waist down while doing the sew-saw motion to lift the shoulder blades from the floor.
    I can do a video of it if you like or I can just correct the form right away and do as variation 2 😉

    I must have misunderstood the program.
    I ahve handwritten it and the page I bring to the gym says:

    Joint mobility * 2 minutes (I just roll my joints the same way as in my running days)
    Jump rope * 5 minutes
    Warm up ciruit * 2-3 set consisting of 1; sqaut 16kg * 5, hip bridge (simple – no weight) * 10 staying at the top for a few seconds, Halo 16kg * 5 (one being back and forth) and Hindu push up * 5.

    A * 5 set:
    TGU * 5 ES (alternating from side to side so left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right)
    Goblet squat 32kg * 5 (no difference in form from the regular squat in warm up circuit
    2 hand swing 28kg * 10 swings

    B * 5 set:
    Flor press * 6-10 ES
    Suspended sit back row * 6-10 (not too godd at this one but nor impossible)

    C * 3 set:
    Deadbug * 30 seconds (not being done – this one puzzles me greatly)
    Pallof press red elastic * 8 ES (the elastic version helped a lot and I now do it with joy 🙂 )
    Warrior ISO hold * 15 seconds ES (sadly not being done either. I would love to be able to do it as I imagine it must be fantastic for the body + it looks super beautiful but I bend about 20 degrees, stretch myself and almost fall. I look like an idiot)
    Bottom up walk 12kg 15 steps * 3 ES (check! This one is working fine)

    Hanging shrugs
    T-spine rotation ES * 2-3
    Foam roll / stretch * 3-5 minutes
    Calf massage + stretch

    Program A is the one I dont like (parts of it).
    It lasts forever (2 – 2½ hours). My pulse is skyrocketing after the warm up but falls in the actual program and is only medium throughout the program.
    Squat 32 kg is plenty heavy but the swings feel like I am just getting started before they end. I know I cannot do a lot of them but 10 is very quickly done. I imagine there is somesense int eh program from your side that I just cannot see.
    What irritates me most about program A is the fact that I have never completed it (and am still puzzled about some of the exercizes) + it takes so much time.

    • yes, I can see that… and I’m glad we bring it up now. I have told you about the get ups before, but I understood from your answer that you wrote it wrong but were doing it right.
      You can see how doing 50 TGU is going to take time compared to 10 🙂
      The program should take no longer than 1h20min if done at the correct pace. You should know the exercises by now, so you need to cut a few things…
      Warm up: 10min
      TGU: 5-8min
      A: 10-15min
      B: 10-15min
      C: 10min
      Cool down: 10-15min
      if you feel your pulse drops down, it’s because you rest too long, simple.
      Like I mentioned, if you feel the weights are too light, you have to increase them a little. so for ex, swing 32kg if you feel up to it.

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